Our Strategy

Try to think like a homeowner in need of a housecleaning for a minute. If you’re like most people, you’re going to search the web and then talk to a few local companies to better understand the process. You’re probably interested to learn about pricing, the scope of the work, availability, the amount of time required to clean the home, the products used during the cleaning, etc.

After talking to a few cleaning companies, you hang up the phone and ask yourself which company should earn the right to clean your home. So you start thinking back on the conversations to compare everyone. All of the cleaning services said they were licensed, bonded and insured. They all seemed genuinely interested in helping you and could show up to clean quickly if needed. Many of them offered eco-friendly supplies and some even offered a tried and true cleaning process to guarantee satisfaction. In other words, they all sounded the same except for one factor: pricing. And since everyone sounded the same, you chose the lowest price bidder to earn your business.

In fact, Two Maids & A Mop struggled with this same issue during its early, formative years. Our founder was desperate to create an ownership mentality in his employees and used the Pay for Performance compensation plan as a self-policing tool to align customer interests with his own employee’s interests. The Pay for Performance changed everything for our founder and the brand has not looked the same since those early days.

“I hired five cleaning people over a two-year period. They all started out great but got worse over time. It was maddening because they all seemed to really want my business. I ended up firing each of them and finally decided to take a shot with a “chain” cleaning company. The first people to answer my phone call was Two Maids. I instantly fell in love with the pay for performance plan due to my past experiences with other cleaning people and hired them immediately. The first service was great and I crossed my fingers that everything would continue that way. It’s been three years since I made that call and I can’t believe that I waited so long to give these guys a shot. The pay for performance plan is magic.”

Patti of Huntsville, AL

What makes the Pay for Performance Plan so great and how does it work? In a nutshell, the Plan makes an owner out of every single one of its employees. Basically, a customer will rate their level of satisfaction on a simple scale from 1-10. The rating directly determines the compensation level paid to a team of two employees that are responsible for cleaning a customer’s home. It’s a true performance-based compensation plan because customer feedback is the only factor used to determine an employees’ compensation level.

Our industry is comprised of thousands of companies that say the same exact thing day after day. It’s been this way for more than 30 years. At Two Maids & A Mop, our unique incentive plan allows for everyone to get what they want. Customers stay happy, employees make more money and franchise owners grow their business. Everyone wins except our competitors!