How Does Two Maids & A Mop Support Their Franchisees?

Many of our franchise owners have never cleaned a home before opening their business. Some have never managed a team of blue-collar workers or led an organization either. That’s ok because our job is to teach, train and support a franchisee how to manage a residential cleaning company. The process to prepare a franchisee for their business’ grand opening is intense and requires hard work from everyone involved.

We have decades of experience in the residential cleaning industry and have developed systems and best practices that give us a serious advantage over our competitors. We know what’s going to happen during your first year of operations and also know what’s going to happen when you build a $1M business. Although you may be opening a business alone, you can trust that you’ll never be by yourself. We’ll always be there with virtual and even face to face support.

Initial Training Process

All franchisees undergo a detailed pre-open process that takes anywhere from 75 – 120 days. Our goal is to have a new franchisee open for business within 90 days of the execution of a franchise agreement. The pre-open process begins with a kickoff phone call to schedule key dates such as the business’ grand opening and the multiple face to face training dates. The real work begins once all key dates have been scheduled.

One of the key portions of the pre-open process is the face to face training received from the home office. All franchisees will be required to attend and graduate from TWO MAIDS UNIVERSITY upon execution of a franchise agreement. Classes are presented in a formal classroom setting, with some portions of the training conducted within our local Birmingham, AL office location. Through TWO MAIDS UNIVERSITY, a franchisee will be instructed on how to utilize the following systems or solutions:

  • Pre-Opening Instructions
  • Proprietary Software Solutions
  • Unique Lead Generation Techniques
  • Detailed Sales Script
  • Proven Lead Conversion Strategies
  • Formula Based Pricing Structures
  • Effective Hiring Practices
  • Team Member Motivational Strategies
  • Daily and Weekly Operations

We also provide a mandatory initial training course before you begin to operate your franchised business. Training consists of on-the-job and classroom sessions for a period of 10 days. Training will consist of up to five days in Birmingham, Alabama and five days inside the franchisee’s territory. It is mandatory for the majority owners and/or operating partner to complete the initial franchisee training. We also advise franchisees to encourage other key members of their business to participate in the 10-day training exercise.

An optional 3-day training course conducted within a designated training center is also available to all new franchisees. This training is normally conducted inside a current franchisee’s office so that a new franchisee can observe the typical day to day processes required to operate a successful franchise. All training at a designated training center is supervised by the home office while the actual day to day operations are handled by a certified franchisee.

Ongoing Support

We believe that ongoing support of your franchised business is one of the most important benefits with our franchise system. As a franchisee, you can expect the following support tools to help with your business’ success:

  • Field Service Support. Your business will be assigned a dedicated Field Representative that will assist with almost all issues related to your business’ operations. To serve as a Field Rep, you must have extensive knowledge of our business model and the residential cleaning industry. Knowledge of everything required to properly manage a Two Maids & A Mop is required. Our Field Service Representatives conduct personal visits with franchisees multiple times throughout a year.
  • First Year Experience. Two Maids & A Mop understands the first year a critical time for your business, and because of that, we have a dedicated Team who is there to guide you every step of the way.  From pre-open through your first year of operations, we will help you to set goals, overcome challenges, and celebrate success.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Your business’ operating performance is measured against current office locations on a monthly basis. These metrics allow us to connect weaker performing stores with stronger performing stores. The advice and counsel between franchise partners is extremely valuable and our KPI measurements foster the conversation in a profitable environment. Examples include employee turnover, lead conversion and contribution margin.
  • Bimonthly Conference Calls. The Home Office hosts two conference calls per month to discuss recent events, brand strategies and best practices. The calls provide the entire franchise network with an opportunity to discuss best practices on a regular basis.
  • Franchise Advisory Committee (FAC). The Two Maids & A Mop Operations Manual serves as the ultimate rule book when executing your business model. As a franchisee, you have the right to voice your opinion or provide counsel related to systems changes within the manual by participating in a FAC.
  • Regional Meetings. The home office conducts regional franchisee meetings at various times during a year. The meetings are comprised of 10-20 franchisees at a time and destinations are selected based on our current store footprint.
  • MaidCon. The home office hosts an annual conference in Birmingham, Alabama for all franchisees to attend. The event is typically scheduled for late spring/early summer and spans over two full days and nights. Speakers from across the country are invited to participate and the event concludes with a Saturday night awards banquet. It’s the most anticipated event of the year for our franchise partners and serves as an opportunity to connect with other franchisees and learn from their experiences.
  • National Sales Center (NSC). Our National Sales Center is here to act as your partner to provide you with the first-call resolution when customers want to schedule new services or update their information. We utilize specifically trained Two Maids employees dedicated to delivering an exceptional sales and customer experience over the phone or via chat (coming soon). The NSC will help drive revenue to your business while giving you the time needed to focus on customer retention, employee retention, and recruiting.
  • Business Coaching Support. Two Maids & A Mop provides developmental support to you and your leadership team. A business coach will work with you to develop an objective view of your business to ensure it continues to move in a positive direction. Sometimes an objective party can help you ask the right questions to address latent problems that may not be as obvious to you as a business owner; your business coach will assist you in evaluating your goals, leadership, employees, and customer experience processes, to help your business reach its full potential.